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Version v07.1 is now available!

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The new ESA CCI SM version v07.1 is now available!

The highlight of this version is the improved temporal and spatial coverage due to the inclusion of 3 new active and passive sensors (observations from ascending and descending overpasses for all sensors are merged in this version for the first time). Validation shows that the new version is the most accurate ESA CCI SM product so far. It provides global data from 1978 to 2021.


Register now to gain access via SFTP, and take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation!


The algorithm updates include the following:

  • The new Feng Yun 3C and 3D and ASCAT-C sensors have been included
  • The model parametrization of LPRM has been improved with LPRM v7.1. This applies to all passive sensors with the exception of SMOS and SMAP, for which LPRM v06.2 is used
  • Day-time observations for all passive sensors are now included in the merging
  • A new optional flag for barren grounds has been included
  • An intra-annual bias correction method is used for the harmonization of the sensors
  • The temporal extent of the products is brought up to the end of 2021.