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v05.2 release: ESA CCI SM now including SMAP data!

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We are thrilled to announce the public release of a new version of the ESA CCI SM dataset (v05.2). The scientific advancements include refined radiometer data retrieval algorithm, improved intercalibration of AMSR-2 in the PASSIVE product and perhaps most excitingly- the highly anticipated inclusion of SMAP data!

To gain access to the ESA CCI SM v05.2 products, please fill out the registration form and follow the instructions in the registration email. Preview the new data in our data viewer!
In the near future the data will also be available via the Open Data Portal.

Detailed descriptions of the production process, ESA CCI SM algorithm and input datasets are available in the relevant documentation. Validation results of the COMBINED product against ISMN in situ measurements are published here.

Kind regards,

ESA CCI Soil Moisture Team