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CCI Soil Moisture validation paper was top-most RSE paper saved on Mendeley in 2015

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A study highlighting the ‘Evaluation of the ESA CCI soil moisture product using ground-based observations` published in Remote Sensing of Environment was the top saved Remote Sensing of Environment article on Mendeley for 2015.

In this study we evaluate the skill of a new, merged soil moisture product (ECV_SM) that has been developed in the framework of the European Space Agency's Water Cycle Multi-mission Observation Strategy and Climate Change Initiative projects.

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  • We validated the new multi-sensor soil moisture data set developed within ESA'S CCI.
  • We used almost 600 in-situ data sets from 28 networks worldwide.
  • Performance slightly increases over time but varies strongly across networks.
  • A small but consistent decrease in average performance is observed after 2006.
  • The observation density increases over time.