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Midsummer progress meeting at NILU in Oslo

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CCI Team in front of NILU, Oslo

The second progress meeting (PM 2) in Phase 2 was hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) in Oslo, Norway from 18-19th June 2015.

In spring 2015 key progress was made with regard to generating the complete specifications for operational production process, strengthening inter-disciplinary cooperation and preparing the release of the latest ECV dataset version 02.2 in autumn 2015. It is currently undergoing an internal validation and climate assessment by the project consortium and key users. Key features of this global product that will cover 36 years until 2014 are improved data flagging and product blending.

The team presented the latest product release to ESA and discussed feedback from the internal verification. Furthermore, the status of the operational processing system was discussed and partners were trained to work together successful in the cloud environment.