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New high-level publications about the soil moisture product

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CCI Soil Moisture scientists have published latest research results about the soil moisture data set in high-level journals.

Dorigo, W.A., Gruber, A., De Jeu, R.A.M., Wagner, W., Stacke, T., Loew, A., Albergel, C., Brocca, L., Chung, D., Parinussa, R.M., Kidd, R. (in press). Evaluation of the ESA CCI soil moisture product using ground-based observations. Remote Sensing of Environment; doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2014.07.023

Dorigo, W., Chung, D., Parinussa, R.M., Reimer, C., Hahn, S., Liu, Y.Y., Wagner, W., De Jeu, R.A.M., Paulik, C., Wang, G. (2014). [Global Climate] Soil Moisture [in: “State of the Climate in 2013”]. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 95 (7), S25-S26.