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ECV SM product update: new version covers 35 years of remotely sensed surface soil moisture

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The CCI Soil Moisture project is pleased to announce the publication of the latest product release - ECV SM 02.0. Besides three more years of data, now covering the period 1978 – 2013, the revised product 02.0 includes improved gap filling, new data attributes, and a revision of scaling approaches for certain sensors.

Until today the ECV dataset version 0.1 was available for download, covering the 32 year period from 1978 to 2010. This dataset was extended, including now the period to the end of 2013, and see algorithmic improvements for the processing of both active and passive observations. Find out more about ECV SM 02.0 in the Product Specification Document (PSD) and download your 35 years of surface soil moisture data HERE. A new short registration is required, even if you had already registered for version 0.1.

If you are interested in previous product versions, please send us a request at