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Data Download (CCI SM v05.2)

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Please note there will be a delay in approval of new users, since the approval and review required manual checks and verification.

Once you have registered for data access an automatic e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. You need to click on the link in the automatic e-mail in order to receive the access credentials. Sometimes the automatic e-mail may also be trapped in your spam or junk mail box.



ESA CCI SM v05.2

The latest version (v05.2) includes SMAP radiometer data for the first time and provides soil moisture data up to 2019-12-31. Other improvements to this version of the dataset include improved intercalibration of AMSR-2 in the PASSIVE product as well as improved retrieval algorithm for all PASSIVE sensor data.

Downloading the Data

The ftp site is only accessible via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). You will need to use ftp software that can handle this protocol, e.g. Filezilla. You will need to set the communication port to 22. If you cannot access it please recheck the login credentials, and port settings, and re-try. If you cannot access to the ftp site after number of attempts over a couple of days, please contact us via the e-mail addresses provided in e-mail you received with the login credentials.

If you download the data in the zipped format, this can be extracted using software such as 7-zip or via the command line.

Using the Data

Please read the Product User Guide (PUG) for information on how to use the product. This is also available in the docs folder of the FTP site (from which the data can be downloaded).

A package is available in python for reading the data as daily images and converting these images to timeseries and reading them.

You can also use the GUI software Panoply to view each file.

Futher Information

If you are interested in previous product versions, please send us a request at


For further information please visit the Documents and Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.