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The ESA CCI Soil Moisture data set, monthly mean surface soil moisture and anomaly, generated within the WACMOS and CCI Soil Moisture projects can be viewed in the ECV Soil Moisture DataViewer from TU Wien. Please note that the viewer is best viewed with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browsers.

Furthermore, the Earth2Observe Water Cycle Integrator ( allows to view the new ESA CCI Soil Moisture dataset and confront it with numerous Earth observation datasets and modelled reanalysis products of the water cycle (soil moisture, precipitation, groundwater, evapotranspiration, etc.). Apart from viewing daily images, the portal offers basic functionalities to extract, download, and plot time series, upload in-situ data for comparison, or create video animations.


A slim version of the data viewer, containing only ESA CCI soil moisture, can be accessed at

Apart from the COMBINED scatterometer+radiometer product it also gives access to the merged scatterometer (ACTIVE) and radiometer (PASSIVE) products, which allows for a more detailed assessment of the impact of dataset merging.

We acknowledge Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Remote Sensing Group for making the data viewer code open source through GitHub.

An animated video, providing a visualisation of the ECV data set has also been created under the WACMOS project and is available for viewing.