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Enormous interest in the 30 years ECV soil moisture data: 130 requests in the first month

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ECV soil moisture per GEO societal benefit area.PNG

Since its publication on 18th of June 2012 about 130 users requested the 30 years of ECV soil moisture data and there are about five new requests daily. After a first analysis of user information provided during registration a clear picture of the usage of the ECV soil moisture dataset emerges.

Nearly half of the registered users (47%) are affiliated to research organisations, but also higher or secondary education institutions have a large share (24%). The international recognition of the ECV dataset is displayed in the fact that users from 28 countries have applied so far. Half of them are from European countries, followed by users from America (26%) and Asia (18%). The area of interest and scale of applications is equally global and regional (each with 41%) followed by local applications (17%).

The ECV soil moisture data will be mainly used to carry out studies in the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) societal benefit areas of climate (31%), water (24%) and agriculture (14%). Besides these key areas the soil moisture data can support applications in the area of weather, ecosystems and disasters.

This assessment shows that the publication of the 30 years ECV soil moisture dataset was globally recognised and will be of use for several applications. This is rewarding and a great motivation for the CCI soil moisture team that already works towards the publication of the final ECV soil moisture dataset.