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Round Robin exercise of the Soil Moisture CCI started

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The Round Robin exercise of the Soil Moisture CCI project has officially kicked off on 4th of June 2012 and will last until end of November 2012. The goal of this Round Robin is to encourage the active participation of the international community in CCI soil moisture activities. Any interested person is welcome to participate and develop Level 2 soil moisture algorithms based on the material contained in the Round Robin data package. The Round Robin evaluation will be carried out by members of the CCI soil moisture project consortium.

This Round Robin exercise is a public and open process, which benefits from the knowledge of the research community that works with soil moisture data sets. Consequently, the soil moisture CCI project welcomes every researcher and institution with the will to participate and contribute with their algorithms to this exercise.


Release of Round Robin Data Package and protocol: June 2012

Invitation of participants: June 2012

Delivery of Level 2 retrievals by participants: 30th November 2012

Evaluation of Level 2 retrievals by CCI team: January 2013

Feedback of results to participants: February 2013


The Round Robin exercises are managed by the project partner GeoVille. All input, output, validation data and documentation are fully accessible after informal registration per email. Please contact Eva Haas via to state your willingness to participate.

You will then get a login for a secure FTP site where all required data can be accessed.

The only requirement for new participants to join the round robin is to hand in an ATBD (Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document) containing a brief description of the algorithm used (the template will be provided at registration). This is required to support a clear analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of various retrieval techniques and approaches.

More information:

Please refer to the Round Robin protocol or the Round Robin description on this website.